Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back in the swing.

I've made soap for about 10 years.  I love it.  it's clean, it's moisturizing, it's even luxurious.  We've been told for years that commercial cleansers are better for us.  This is SO not true!  Considering that in a bar of soap, they will extract the glycerine (the moisturizing property) and then sell us moisturizers, that commercially made bar of soap that you bought in the store ended up costing you more than just money.  It's stripped your skin of the wonderful oils that it needs while possibly damaging your skin cells with other chemicals.

no thanks.

That is a major reason why I started Homestead Soapery.  I wanted to get my family clean without drying them out, damaging their skin, and even without the pain in the butt it would be to clean out the tub after the little ones have bathed!  How many little ones you ask?  I have 5 children so far, and even on the youngest two -2 1/2 months at the time of this posting- use the very mild soap from my collection.

Lots of new things happening here at the homestead, so I'll be updating soon.  I'm waiting for some of my ingredients to come in, but when it does, boy howdy!  TONS of soap coming soon!  I'll video tape as much of that as I can, too and put it on this blog. :D

As always if you have any questions, you can always email me at

In the mean time, have a blessed day!

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