Sunday, July 15, 2012

Questions I've been asked.

Why is each bar different?
Heather has formulated her recipes for each batch of soap.  Since we make our soap in small batches, it will vary slightly in shape and size, not in quality.  Each bar is individual and different.  There will NEVER be two bars of soap just alike.  This is due to the unique way that each batch of soap is swirled with color.

Where do you get your ingredients?
Like a good journalist, we're not going to reveal our sources, but rest assured- we choose the finest but also the most cost effective ingredients to ensure you get absolutely the best value!  This means that you get a high-quality soap for the least amount of greenbacks.

Does your soap contain lye?
Short answer- no.  You can not make soap without lye, but the reaction between the lye, water and oils have changed to create soap.  Since all of our soap is checked before it's packaged and sent out, we ensure that there is no active lye in the soap, so you can be sure that our soap in the product that you get will not have lye in it.

Can you make me a special scent?  Do you do special orders for my event?
Yes, we can do special orders.  Due to the curing time of our soaps, it will take at least 2 weeks after the soap is made to get to you.  We require that you purchase an entire batch of the special scent you want.

With any special order, we can do certain custom items.  Want to give small "guest sized" soaps for favors?  I can do that.

Do you give a discount?
Not at this time.

I'm allergic to nuts, do your products contain nuts?
A list of ingredients is on the back of each soap.  However, if you're unsure, we recommend you test the soap before you use it.  Wash the inner part of your elbow and let the soap sit for a few minutes, and rinse like normal.  As with anything else, any adverse reaction and you should stop using the soap.

What kind of soaps do you offer?
Well, aside from body bars, Heather has used the soap in laundry detergent.  It has not stained or discolored our laundry as of yet, and has actually saved us money!  You only need 1T. of soap per load, and even works in our high efficiency washer.  This is use at your own risk.  We do not assume any responsibility if you break your machine, or destroy your clothes because of error.

I bought a soap I thought I'd like but I don't like the scent, can I return it?
Unfortunately no.  We don't take soap back and the reason is for sanitation issues.  Even though you may not have used it, would you want soap that has been in someone else's bathroom?  Neither would we.

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